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Greek Key Round Rug Black

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Acrylic-wool rugs; synthetic wool with modern, contemporary andfashionable geometric design. Collection come with a pile height of approx. 1.5cm and the pile is soft and comfortable underfoot.


COLORS:Due to the difference of monitor colors, some rug colors may vary slightly. We tryto represent all rug colors accurately.

How to take care  Arcylic Wool Rug

1. Placing the rug in a light-traffic area doesn't really stop it from shedding, although it will receive less wear and tear, so protecting the fibers while using it helps it shed normally.

2.Rake, brush or groom your rug weekly, or more often if needed. Use a special rake available at specialty carpet outlets. A clean broom or a pet brush may also work, but avoid any product that is harsh on the fibers, such as wire-bristled brushes.

3.Trim tufts of wool that emerge above the carpet surface with a sharp pair of scissors. Wool carpets naturally experience this effect -- don't panic -- but cutting them even with the surrounding carpet will discourage the fuzzy appearance they cause. Don't pull the fibers as you work to avoid more shedding. Wipe your hand over the surface to collect loose fibers and balls.

4.Vacuum your wool rug at least once or twice a week, especially in the first few months (there will be lot of remaining wool due to factory manufacturing). Use a vacuum with gentle suction and work with the pile, not against it. Avoid heavy-duty vacuums or those with beater bars or brush bars, which damage the wool construction.

5.Rotate your carpet every few months to ensure even wear, which prevents needless shedding.